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The many Tales of the Crimson Boar takes place on several realms of existence. Many of the tales come into the Crimson Boar Inn by the many adventurers that use it as a stop along their travels, or as a base from which to conduct their own adventures. It is the focal point of the Tales of the Crimson Boar fantasy/swords & sorcery roleplaying event hosted by Raleigh Tabletop RPGs (RTR).

Now it is your turn to add to the growing legend of the Crimson Boar Inn! So here are some ground rules for running your game for the event:

1) Be creative! The Crimson Boar is now your playground. Take the ideas you find here and warp and twist them to your needs. No two Crimson Boar games will ever be exactly the same or have unvarying consistency. Don’t be afraid to change things up!

2) Keep the basic NPCs as close in function and name as you can in the setting you are presenting, but when all else fails, see Rule #1!

3) Post a summary of your game to the Adventure Log and list what you’ve added (or subtracted) This way, future gamers can pull from your creations and the special things you add to the Crimson Boar Inn.

Main Page

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