Exotic-looking smuggler


A markedly exotic woman of nearly indistinguishable parentage, Taels fancies herself a smuggler extraordinaire. She isn’t trustworthy and makes no pretense of being so, but she is reliable. Her arrogant demeanor and flashy displays of wealth and fashion don’t endear her to many patrons — until she has something they want, that is. It s rumored that Taels is a portal walker — one who knows the hidden paths running beneath the inn to parts far away and unknown. Presumably, this explains her resourcefulness and ability to obtain such exotic items, as well as the antagonistic relationship between her and John Emrys.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve chosen tiefling artwork to represent Taels here because that was the original driving inspiration for the character. However, feel free to make her a normal human if you’re playing in a low-magic setting, or change her race to something else entirely if tieflings don’t work for your scenario.


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