Stable girl, ferrier


The resident stable girl and ferrier for the Inn is a tomboyish girl in her late teens. Her impish appearance makes superstitious folk to claim she’s part fey, but that’s probably just clap-trap. Molly’s a whiz with animals, especially livestock and horses. She competes in riding championships in all the locales around the Inn, to the chagrin of less-skilled horsemen who don’t like surrendering their blue ribbons to a woman, let alone a girl.

Molly’s personal mount and near-constant companion, Thunder, is an 18-hand bay stallion with a wide white blaze-and-snip. Molly raised Thunder from a mere yearling. The horse is surmised to be quite valuable and was a gift from a traveling breeder who was impressed with Molly’s care of his own horse. Twice, rustlers have tried to steal Thunder and sell him to interested parties. None of them survived the attempts — the horse trampled his assailants to death with his hooves.


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