Outlandish pimp


This outlandish pimp favors clothes of violet silk interspersed with whatever animal skin is currently in vogue. Jacobsmith handles the Boar’s working girls in exchange for a tax levied on his profits by Brother Dendy, who puts the money to good use helping out the poor and the homeless. Jacobsmith is always interested in travelers, especially those rumored to be portal walkers. He’s been hoping to find some exotic new girls to add to his fold and will pay handsomely for any adventurer who gives him a profitable referral.

EDITOR’S NOTE: An early concept for Jacobsmith was that of a gnoll pimp, inspired in no small part by the artwork for gnolls in the d20 Modern core rulebook. We took the liberty of using that artwork here, but feel free to reskin Jacobsmith as a member of another race if this doesn’t suit your game.


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