A crackpot beggar who spends most of her time in or around the Crimson Boar. Britomus Drom has pity on her and always provides her with three warm square meals a day. Iola is a former adventurer, once driven to lunacy by a dark event in her past that she has forgotten, although Britomus might know more of the details than he lets on.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Iola is what we think of as an extra in the cast. Her role can vary greatly between different games. In some, she’s a crackpot who can provoke a braggadocio PC or serve as a foil for a villain who treats her poorly. In others, she’s a broken woman, but also a potential ally if someone can bring her around enough to be useful again. Her past might even be tied in to whatever misdeeds are occurring in your scenario, providing a tangible link to the depravity of an antagonist to your players.



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