Britomus Drom

Owner, proprietor, and barkeep of the Crimson Boar Inn


Britomus Drom is the founder, owner, and proprietor of the Crimson Boar Inn. He and his adventuring friends built the business quite literally from the ground up, though he can’t remember how long ago that was exactly. Jovial and casual with his guests, Britomus commands the respect of every man to set foot in the Inn. Britomus is missing his left leg, which he has replaced with a prosthetic of the GM’s choice. This has not dulled his fighting edge in the slightest, however—a fact which any folks who’ve ever caused trouble inside the Inn can affirm.

Britomus keeps his gold locked up tight and has a loaded crossbow within arm’s reach at all times while he’s behind his bar. He rarely passes off his duties tending the bar during the evenings to employees, enjoying his work and taking great pride in the business that he and his friends have built.

Britomus Drom

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